[Food] Boyfriend's Birthday Celebration @Minu KL

We can't stop time.
It's the 7th birthday I celebrate with this guy.
Our tradition is always simple, meet for a birthday dinner.

So this year I decided to bring him to Minu.
This restaurant was open within this few months.

It was in a Japanese fine dining concept.
But I personally think that it's kind of western and japanese fusion restaurant.
I love the design of their menu.
That's a la carte or 3 to 7 course meal to let you choose.
We decided to order 5 course meal each.
RM75 for total five course.
This price for a fine dining concept food is definitely soooooo worth.

Lime Octopus - RM18 (ala carte price)

Salmon Tartare - RM18 (ala carte price)
The salmon is fresh, even people who don't take raw food like me.
I'm also fall in love with this freshness and tasty salmon tartare.

Side Dish
Premium Seafood Chawanmushi - RM18 
It's premium, for real.
Scallop, fried prawn that catch my taste bud.
The egg was abit different from the usual chawanmushi I tried.
It taste abit like tofu, not the texture, is the taste.
Texture was same as the usual chawanmushi.
Btw, what I wanna mention is this is definitely a must try in Minu.

Teriyaki Beef Tacos - RM18
The sauce and the cheese is perfect match.
The beef is juicy enough pair with the crispy tacos is definitely my favorite.


Soft Shell Crab Goma Salad - RM18
I'm not a salad people, but still glad that I ordered this.
Soft shell crab is definitely must order!!!
Please order this salad even though you don't like salad!
This is different.
I became 60% full after I ate this huge soft shell crab.
The salad sauce enhance the entire taste of the salad, too yummy!!

Beef Carpaccio Rocket - RM18
This a dish that we enjoy the original taste of the beef with a touch of parmesan cheese.

Dobin Mushi - RM18
My favorite soup in Japanese Cuisine!!
The unique taste of the dobin mushi with the scent of several types of mushroom.
Remember to open the teapot and clear all the ingredients inside!!

 Unagi Carbonara Fettuccine - Regular RM35, Junior RM20

Scallop Tobiko Creamy Fettuccine - Regular RM35, Junior RM20

Lastly featured my handmade cake for the birthday boy.
First time, please forgive me.

Happy Birthday 💖💕

Phone: 03-2630 6728
Operation Hours: 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00

That's all for this post.
Wait for my next post ya :)

[Workshop] Indulge in CNY Dishes for Good Luck & Health with Philips

Chinese New Year is around the corner and Philips had done with cooking workshop featuring their latest product which is the Philips Airfryer with new TurboStar Technology.
The Philips Airfryer TurboStar is the latest in the Philips range of airfryers that helps consumers lose the oil but not the taste when cooking.  

Chef Amy Beh will be demonstrating us the flow and recipes of a few CNY dishes by using Philips Airfryer.

Some of the ingredients that we used during the entire workshop. 

Tadahh~~~ Dishes that made by our team.
Can you believe all of it were cooked using the Philips Airfryer?
U can adjust the timer while frying your dishes to avoid overcook of it!
Besides that, the Philips TurboStar Technology also enable users to fry with little or no oil and produce food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

You can get it now at any Philips authorised retailer nationwide.
Celebrate your Chinese New Year with less fat and more "fatt" with Philips!


[Food] Get Ready For CNY with SCS Reinvigorates Cookies Recipe

I can't believe that Chinese New Year is happening on next Saturday.
Time flies like an arrow.
I had just done celebrating my bf's birthday last Sunday.
It's another year again.
So, have you done your preparation for Chinese New Year?
Why not to have a try on baking some delightful cookies to celebrate this joyous Chinese New Year?
At the heart of embracing the sense of nostalgia through exquisite aromas dissipating through the house, SCS with its 111-year legacy rolls out new recipes to celebrate this Chinese New Year.

Let me show you the "secret recipes" of  these delightful cookies using SCS's premium quality butter. The butter is au naturel, free of artificial colouring, additives, preservatives and hormones and made from only the finest ingredients. SCS butter undergoes an extra churn to give it a creamier edge over its competitor.

Isn't the design and ideas of these cookies are brilliant enough?
Let's make your Chinese New Year even brighter with these creative recipes!

Happy advance Chinese New Year everyone! :D

[Event] Whoosh Latest Eyewear Collection x Miss Whoosh Glamorous Event

What is Whoosh Eyewear?
It is actually a sister brand of Focus Point and they were successfully hosted the 1st annual Miss Glamorous event on the December.

What should we describe Whoosh?
"Fast. Fresh. Forward"
Whoosh eyewear aims to satisfy trendsetters who value style, quality, and professional advice on-the-go. Besides that, Whoosh offer 3 distinctive styles which are the TRENDY, URBAN and VINTAGE that come with wide range of fashionable frames.
Oh ya, not to mention that, it is all from Korea.
Not only that, Whoosh provide customers to collect their eyewear at shortest time which is 30 minutes through "Choose, Check and Collect" modus operandi.

Visit Whoosh Eyewear to find out your nearest Whoosh Eyewear store.
Be fashion and trendy now with Whoosh Eyewear ;)

[Tutorial] Fall Makeup Tutorial

I know the season of fall was ended for so long.
But it just can't stop me to share about  my favorite fall makeup.
Yes, this is my favorite makeup among all.
Decided to have a picture tutorial after blogging for so long. Loll.

Let's start with base first:
1. In order to correct the skin tone of my face, I'm using Sleek Colour Corrector Palette to conceal the important area for my face.
Pink - As highlighter for forehead and nose bridge
Yellow - Correcting the dark area of my eyes (depend on your skin tone, you might use lavender color to lighten your dark circle as well)
Green - Cover to redness around my nose edge
Before I started to color correct my skin, I will apply Innisfree Mineral Makeup Base to give a brighter finish of my skin tone. After this is to color correct my skin in detail.
Then, I will conceal my dark circle using Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Eraser.
Lastly, even up all of the color with Clio Waterkill Cushion.
Ps: This cushion is a must try (High coverage without smudging for entire day!)

2. Next, moving to eyebrow.
I'm using Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Pencil - Expresso Brown. Starting with outline your brow first.
After that, fill in will light pressure using the pencil. Then blend evenly with eyebrow brush.
Not forget to blend your brow with finger to create natural finish.
The outcome without eyebrow mascara.
I'm not satisfied with it as it was too dark.
Hence, eyebrow mascara will make a change for it.
Swipe it on your brow without touching your skin in Z shape.
Then, use a eyebrow brush to blend evenly.
I'm using Innisfree Ultrafine Brow Mascara in Starry Golden Brown.
Can you spot the difference?

3. Moving to eye makeup.
I'm using Sleek Makeup Color Corrector Palette in orange as eye base.
Apply evenly and blend it with finger.
Here is the result.

4. Eye shadow Next, apply Mac Soba on the upper lid using a point brush.
Make it longer than your eye shape to let your eyes look longer.

5. Next, use Sivanna Naked Palette apply on the lid that near the eyelashes.
Using the same color at the entire bottom eyelid.

6. Apply eye shadow under your eyes.
Using Vdl Expert Color Eye Book 6.4 no. 5 color in 2041.
Connect top and bottom of your eyes naturally.

7. Brighten your eyesI'm using Memebox x Pony Shine Easy Glam 2 pearl color at the front part of my eyes.

8. Eyeliner
 Using Solone Gel Pencil in brown to fill in my upper waterline.
Draw eyeliner with natural wing. I'm using Clio waterkill liquid eyeliner in brown.
Tadahhhh~~~ My lashes was not done yet.
9. Eyelashes
Here is my little trick.
In order to let my lashes to stay curl for whole day.
I'm using hair dryer set to hot temperature and blow the upper part of my eyelash curler.Just a few seconds. If not your eyelid will not able to stand the temperature of the curler.
Now, curl your upper lash once you done with hair dryer and apply mascara with both upper and lower lashes.
I'm using Shishedo Eyelash Curler and Clio Eye Hitch King Volume Mascara.

10. Shading

In order to create a deeper eyes and higher nose look, I apply shading on my eye that near my brow.
ans also, on my nose bridge.
I'm using Pony Effect Contouring Master Palette #Marvelous
Not forget to contour cheek bone and jawline.
Using the same palette.

11. Blush

Apply a cooler tone blush to match the entire makeup.
Using Nyx Ombre Blsuh #Mauve Me

12. Lip
To create a full lip make with nicer outline, I'm using lip brush to apply the lipstick
and fill it in using the lipstick itself.
Main color is Mac #Mocha and I added slightly touch of A'Pieu Lip Tint to create some natural gradient.
Done. Sorry for my cracked lips. My lips wasn't in a good condition while I shooting for this tutorial :(
And we're done!

The Final Look:

How do you feel it?
I feeling fall. xD
If you get what I mean.
Gonna sign off now.

See you on next post!