[Food] Perfume Dance 跳舞香水 @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya

I was excited when I heard about the news of perfume dance will be open soon at Malaysia!
I can still remember the deliciousness of their foods during my Taiwan trip.
I miss it so much even though I'm back to Malaysia.

Finally, they were opened at Malaysia to solve my crave!
Then, I decided to bring the bf go.

My favorite among their menu is the classic thick toast.
Besides desserts, they served awesome hot cook food too!
This is the memory that I remember when I tried at Taiwan's Perfume Dance outlet.

Now, let's see how the Malaysia version Perfume Dance taste!

To be honest, I had really high expectation toward their foods.
I expect it have the exactly same taste as Taiwan.

But I'm just really wanna say I'm totally disappointed.
Imagine you go with an excited face with awesome food but it taste like ...........
So sorry that my first blog post since awhile contain about something negative.
But I'm here to clarify every people have different taste and style toward food.
What I wrote here is just my personal experience.

Linguine with Fresh Clams & Garlic - RM 18.90

This is what I ordered when I first try at Taiwan.
Firstly, I need to mention that the linguine is OVERCOOKED.
Yes, it is super duper mushy. I just hate the taste.
Next, it suppose to have sauce instead of "soup".
An olive oil with garlic or a touch of red pepper sauce for a perfect taste.
But what I saw is a 'soup', mixed all the ingredients in order to serve it. 
Sorry for my lengthy comments about it, you should know the more expectation the more disappointment.
The only place that let me vent it out is here, my blog.

What is this?
It should be without sauce, just only olive oil and the delicate taste of garlic.
Which is not present like a soup as above, it messed up taste of the clams, cherry tomato and I can't even taste any garlic from that dish.

Look at the exactly same dish.
This is what I had in Taiwan. Gosh. I miss it.
First the color is different, ok, it might be cause by the lighting.
Next, is the texture of linguine. It is chewy!
It cooked perfectly and it don't have the watery "soup" like we had here in Malaysia T__T
I'm really upset about it.

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Calamari - RM18.90

I never try this at Perfume Dance and this is my first try.
Guess what?
My boyfriend told me it had the exact same taste with the linguine.
I don't believe it until I give it a try.
The only comment for the spaghetti and linguine is overcook, overcook and overcook.
mushy, mushy and mushy.
At least I had tried squid ink spaghetti at Franco.
It shouldn't be so much "sauce", ok, I don't even know it's a sauce or soup.
Even it have, it should be in a condense texture that contain rich flavor of all the ingredients added.
But it didn't. This is worst than the linguine I mentioned above.

Lastly, come to the dessert.

Classic Vanilla - RM16.90

At least, their dessert still remain the same.
Perfect as Taiwan while my boyfriend said it lack of something.
I'm not sure what's wrong.
But for me it's totally same.
Crumbly as always.
Their vanilla dripping and ice-cream never fail to surprise me.
I had no vent about it.

Perfume Dance Cafe Malaysia
Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm
Contact: 012-256 7676
Address: L1 35&36 IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Malaysia


I think it's been a long long time for me to type a post for my blog.
People tend to lost their direction when they achieve their 'responsible' in life.
Of course, not everyone living like this. But I'm the one who lost direction once I graduated from my Uni.
I rush assignments, rush for final year project, rush for exam and finally I attend my graduation convo. I know that's not the end.
But I'm just lost.

So I just indulge myself.
Travelling, playing, relaxing, chilling, eating and conclusion is spending.
After I decided to dump my laziness then I started to look for a job since I can't just spend without earning.

I'm glad that now I'm able to settle down and think about should I just give up my blog since I never blog for almost one and a half year.
But, my blog is just all about my life.
I watch myself growth from one achievement to another through this blog.
I just need to get back my passion toward my blog, the satisfaction when I finished a blog post.

Now, I'm back.
I'm not sure whether people still remember me, but I just miss my long lost blogger friends.
Missing the time we out for tea time, dinner & chit-chatting about everything.

Promise will be there for my blog.
and never give up from where I start.


Simple Tips to Stay Cool under the Hot Sun!

How do you feel about the weather recently?
For me, it is burning hot!

Although Malaysia is all time summer, but it might be windy during some season.
Recently, it's turn to a burning hot weather which totally difficult for me to stand under this weather!
Things Happen During Hot Weather:
x  Oily Skin
x Pimples
x Make up smudging
Although there are only 2 things I mentioned above.
But this two facts will definitely kill my mood when I was dating, outing or even eating!
Here I will provide some tips for you to stay cool and fresh even under the hot sun!

1. Prepare your sun block essentials
My sun block essentials is always simple.
I can't live without sunglasses when I'm walking under the hot sun.
The bright light will make my eyes close automatically and my face will become like a fish ball.
So, a proper sun glass for me is a must!
Also, sunblock is very important to protect my skin from sunburning! 

2. Waterproof make ups
Next, to stay cool must make sure your make up doesn't smudge when you start sweating.
Choose waterproof or oil proof make up to help you maintain a perfect make up even under the hot sun!

3. Clean your face regularly

Lastly, summer weather is hot and make me keep popping pimples out!
I will always have my basic skin care routine with Clean&Clear essentials pack.
3 easy steps to feel clean and fresh and not forget to get rid of pimple during this hot weather!

 Basically, this essentials pack included basic skin care products such as facial wash, toner and moisturizer.

The design come with small bottle for easy keep and the tiny lid enable you to easily control the amount needed. 

 First step is always the facial wash.

The texture is rather watery.
The smell is so attractive.

 Step 2: Not forget the toner as a basic skin care routine.
This is an oil-control toner for people like me T___T
Totally oily face!
The texture is really watery and I felt there is water pouring on my face, makes me feel a lot better during this hot summer weather xDD
Really recommend this toner with an affordable price.
Skin care newbie please make this as your list xDD

 Last step, use the moisturizer to help your skin retain moisture.

 Feeling the texture is like a lotion form.
Even the smell thou XDD

 Even it is a lotion texture but you definitely won't feel oily with this moisturizer.
A little bit of amount ady can apply on your entire face!

Finally finish the entire steps and feeling Clean&Clear now!!
No need to worry about stifling hot weather that force your pimples popping out!!
What is your tips to stay cool during hot summer weather?

[Event] Boozeat - Eat, Drink, Repeat

Any drinker here?
I have a good news to you all!
Boozeat, a newly launch online commerce website who sell different brands of alcohol.
If you are a alcohol lover, you will not miss this!

Nowadays, people are living in a fast pace of life.
Boozeat is specially for people who having busy lifestyle.
Boozeat is Malaysia’s Premier Alcohol Store, but you can consider boozeat as your private alcohol refinery. 
Boozeat stock aged, aromatic, traditional, viscous, and basically all high quality alcohols to quench your thirst for the better things in life. 
When you are too busy on work, don't you feel tired to get your drinks at hypermarket?
When you are a university student, clubbing seem like a difficult date for you since you are having morning class everyday and also the overpriced booze.

Boozeat is here to fill your busy lifestyle gap!!
Feeling to have a chill out section with friends?
Order it from Boozeat!
Easy and convenient.

 Always include a relaxing day in your busy lifestyle :D


More information: http://boozeat.com/

[Event] Graduan Aspire 2015 @KL Convention Centre

First time went to a career fair by Graduan Aspire.
It was such a good experience by visiting different kinds of  exhibitors.
Let me show you my short tour in GRADUAN ASPIRE 2015 Career Fair.

It was happening on 9th & 10th of May.
I went on 9th morning till afternoon it was so crowded.

Register before go into visit the exhibition.

 The Sun photobooth

 Tesco is one of the exhibitor too!!

 There was also a live audition by Media Prima to choose their suitable reporter.

The "Like Me" sticker is such a good idea to attract people.

The career fair contain several numbers of big companies such as Maybank, Tesco, Shell and etc.
It was a good chance for postgraduate to promote themselves to their favorite company!

That is not an end yet. 
I was lucky enough to attend the exclusive luncheon with the top notch CEOs.

 Their speech were inspirational and impressive through sharing their secret of successful with us!

Mr. Stefano Clini, Managing Director of British American Tobacco Malaysia
Tuan Syed Ahmad Taufik Albar, Group CFO of UEM Group
Mr. Sajith Sivanandan, Managing Director of Google Malaysia
Datuk Hisham Hamdan, Executive Director of Khazanah Research & Investment Strategy
Pn Elia Talib, Managing Director of Graduan

It was such a good experience and I hope to visit The GRADUAN ASPIRE Postgraduate and Career Fair again next year.
Because I'm still having my final year and will be ending soon!
Job seekers, pls do not miss out this event!!
See you :D

More information pls visit Graduan official website: www.graduan.com/aspire