180611 - cheese tart

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HEY...is saturday... :) when it was Friday, pooi yee and yean decided to make cheese tart at pooi yee's hse...
me and yean wanna learn some skill from pooi yee...her cheese tart is really delicious and cute..
but because we still a greenhorn in making cheese tart, the partern of tart let we spoil = = LOL
now, let me show you all the pic of a day ;)

pooi yee and yean x)
didn't have me? because i'm the one who holding the camera...LOL

all girls concern in their work . hehe

some skill...LOL

 is time to bake xDD

lets we go !

wait wait wait~~~

after fill in the cheese :DD

is oour work xD
actually she don't let me post it...
but i feel it wont ugly so i put a love *wink*

this is my only one pic- - 
but is too uugly...
better don't see my face..
ps: i failed to do revision today :(

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