genting trip ♥

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HI...after my trip 1 or 2 days maybe 3 I'm gonna blog about it... = =
ok..I know I'm scuh a lazy girl,, because I don't know what should I blog about it...
this post also after one month like that I only wanna update my blog again...
hrrmmm,,,,, I think this is the reason that I cant earn money from nuffnang T__T
I need money la !! >..<||
urghh,, buut still I need to concentrate in my study 1st...
ok, gonna start my post now...
seriously I din't take much photo at that day, felt regret = =
the room is really damnnnn small, ok...don't complain, is a free room...

                  is it leng zai??LOL

give me a reason why my face become so chubby :((

what pose is this?? ermm

 the most normal picture xD

the heard is my brother,,LOL

The most likely outfit ;))
at night we have ntg to do, so they decided to have a drank...
but still beer is not suitable for me = =||
i love her eyebrow...haha

someone look like 關公...LOL

Day 2

before back, of cause wanna eat my favourite pizza <3

love their chocolate deep deep ;)

thats all....wanna to wnd my post now, damn lazy to wait the photo upload= =
bye bye !

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