korean dinner

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26/6/11 was a day with mum ;)
sorry for my panda face :O
not enough of sleep, i know is different with the face when i make up...
but which girls didn't like herself be pretty?
thats why i like make up, but i'll take care my skin too...
i hope baby skin won't be a dream of me );

start the story now...
yesterday, we went to Sri Petaling one korean style restaurant..
name is DAORAE.
not that nice, i prefer japanese more x)
but the pancake is awesome ! love the taste, i'll try the pancake next time with my boy ;)

menu **


the soup and tea :)

BBQ time. pork xD

side dishes ;)

i don't know how to say this in english = = 炒年糕??

toufu soup (my mum say it was so oily :O )

the pancake...so fast lost 1/3 ady x)

we are full. order too much ady = =
wasted, bad );

thats all...unluckily that day he cant go with us...
so sad, next i'll bring him go for the pancake ;p

yea...i have open a page...pls don't add my fb acc...
just like my page thank you ;D

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