240711 ❤

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hi!! it was Sunday, went to mid valley again 0.0 with bf ❤
but, not shopping= =
my money ady hate, if I keep using it T_T
wanna save money...
we go there for movie and present for my mum!
27/8 is my mum's birthday, but i decided to get a present for her earlier..
so, we came mid valley ;D
we watch Mr. Poper's penguin that day..
quite cute and funny x) love it...
but the place was not nice );
spoiled all the things O:
but nvm, still have a nice day..

after movie, we have our dinner at chili..
their food was nice ;)

but is too bad, the size was too big for us...
we cant finish it ..
waste waste waste ><

here is some cam whore pic

sry, i spoiled my image = =||

outfit ;)
love my lace shirt...
sry for my tired face, headache that day);

 hi~ this is the present for my lovely mum ;)

end with this picture ;)
playing shutter speed effect xD

ps: its not all my fault, whatever you wanna think, i cant read your mind. 

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