day with mum ❤ 220711

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hey, is me...(ignore my pimple please :O)
felt sorry to my bloggie because i didn't touch almost 1 week?? or more than?= =.

with my vanz shoe that day ❤

in house ;)

feel extremely happy that day, because at the first we just planing to go charles and kieth at pavilion enjoyed the mega sales..
but, when we passed by the Burberry shop, then mum and I wanna go in have a look.
i thought mum just wanna window shop in there, but she suddenly ask me what kind of bag i like..
i just show the bag that I love for she...
after awhile, she say "ok la, just but it.."
wow, i felt like excited  ;D
she is the greatest mum in the world..

ya, i grab it x) my dream
Nova Check Bowling Bag ❤❤❤

after that we have our dinner at ichiban boshi...
nice curry rice, felt wasted because I cant finished it...
I didn't have time to finish, because I almost late to my add math tuition :O

chock..stop chewing food when you are taking picture. LOL

greatest mummy ❤

me xD

felt full after dinner...

here is our stuff ;D

oh, ya! this two cup is free gift from Darlie toothpaste..
how cute are them, love it ❤❤

did I look weird in it?? 
happy till cant see my eyes..LOL

that's all! bye

ps: i am so happy but he is worrying about his job :(((

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