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Hi! it was Saturday.
Heading to mid valley with my love and Wan Yee again.
something unhappy happens on that day, but it wasn't a problem now ;)
feel sorry to her, because she suddenly called me hung out to mid valley.
but me and boys have ady booked ticket watched movie that day, when the time we watched movie.
she shop herself one person :(
no good.
wanna told me early if wanna hang out together ;D

we have our breakfast at ninjia joe pork burger *yummy*

but the size was too small for we, so we ate agn at '吉林' front of ninjia joe *blink*
it was my lovely 蛋卷 xD
sry, because some food i dono the english name= =

when i still capturing photo, he ady started to eat = =
he was too hungry. LOL

after that we watched movie and WanYee went for shopping );
we watched Monte Carlo that day, not a bad movie ;)
but it was too long for me -.-
i watched till wanna went toilet many time...LOL

 we rest awhile for ice-cream *wee*

after that was shopping shopping agn..
the mega sales was attracting me to spend my money.
but luckily didn't have any clothes suitable for me, = =||
our dinner at Kiku Zakura. my lovely japanese restroran ❤

the enviroment ❤

some pic of we. 

fish, wan yee

my favourite sushi "Inari Sushi"

my set ;)

his Udon

WanYee's  "Zosui"        

Here we start now

found in my camera. = = Dono when she capture this.LOL


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