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Saturday! attend my mother's company dinner with mummy, brother and him ❤
at SS2 mall Petaling Jaya.

we kinda early, the dinner start at 6pm...
so  we went for tutti frutti to spend our time ;D

my cutie brother. LOL
he look smart with his polo tee and new hairstyle xxoo

capture from my boy.

two boys x)

the mummy and the daughter ;)
she is kinda fat ady :O 
wanna call she diet = =

next, the son and the mummy <3

camwhore time ~~~~

i seem taller thn him with the high heels :O

the brother and the sister ❤

my brother was acting short. LOL

the menu, bad taste actually );

the table

simple outfit =]

love new lens - sugar candy ❤

the end !
ps: i'm elated of the changing of my brother ;)

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