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this is my 1st post on my blog since my trial exam was start :(
keep busy, book book book and book..zz
so after all the difficult subject passed ady and i decided to hung out with friends..
to release my stress ,, LOLL
it was a day at mid valley agn..
we watched a funny and cutie movie that day..
can i vote five star for them??
they are so funny and cute, OMG
after watching this movie i only knew that 'smurf fashion' in the web..
because i saw all the ppl who watched this movie will wrtie Oh My Smurf = =
I Smurf You, What The Smurf,
whatever la, LMAO
after movie we all go delicious to eat..
their food and drinks are delicious too <3

carbonara spaghetti <3

vanilla milk shake 

hot chocolate always is my choice <3

three cheese sandwiches 

after food is our camwhore time, hehe

i was super duper tired that day because of not enough of sleep..
my head was pain my eye become red too..
OMG, i hate the feel of headache make me moody 

 i love this pic <3

loving my outfit of a day too <3

finally i done my update ..
today was panadol save me..
i woke up at 5am because i cant stand the pain of my head ady..
wont late sleep ady ..
what the smurf 

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