earlier b'day with my boy ❤

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halo! last Wednesday was my birthday!
firstly, i'm gonna say happy birthday to myself LOL
because Wednesday was a school day, so my boy decided to celebrate with me at 24/09/2011
we went for pavillion shopping and decided to have our dinner at jogoya.

did you saw any different with my lips colour?
it was so pinkish and natural <3
love the shu uemura's lipstick
love my make up of a day,
pls ignore my obvious double eyelid tape
that the only thing that i hate = =
felt abit spoiled my make up..zzz

simple outfit ;D

i love food!
anythings that tasty i wouldn't let it waste and i will keep it in my stomach 
this is also a reason why my boy was full but i still keep taking the food to our table = =
i dono the waiters clean our table how many time ady..
but the true is their food not very nice, let me felt abit dissapointed 
the most nice things is their

i still cant forget the taste of this spaghetti it was super nice...

their dessert was the other delicious things
i almost try al type of the cake in the dessert part = =
LOL, because it was quite nice
and i'm a dessert lover + chocolate lover <3 

it seems like an egg = =

coffee mochi 

after food is our camwhore time

and is time for him to gift me my present that he prepaid xD

what kind of face = =
pls ignore my hand+finger..LMAO 


is a JUICY COUTURE necklace, super in love with it..
he help me wore it, how sweet <3
Lol... just a joke. 

thx babe ;*
i was in love with JC's necklace 
seriously very surprise 

love my make up of a day

loving my new lipstick 'shu uemura' <3
so natural #love

thx, my boy :-*

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