belated birthday with fren ❤

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halo~~this post is about my belated b'day with my lovely friend..
because our schedule always full, so we plan to choose a day we free to celebrate my b'day..
LOLL...we are teenager, our schedule are full of tuition and seminal 
we choose Saturday as my b'day celebration..
we decided to celebrate in CEO karaoke 
pooi yee and ghar yean had seminal that day, 
so we 7pm only meet up and sang until night..

outfit of a day..
my the smurf jumper is it cute??LOL

joey and weng hong accompany me to met ghar yean and pooi yee..
when we reached there, they are all craving for food = =
because they was so hungry that day..LOL
joey and ghar yean is a oyster lover..
my god, i cant accept the taste of oyster seriously..
hmm...maybe i dono how to eat...
i felt like wanna vomit when I smell the oyster = =

this is the only boy in our group 
haha..somehow the picture i took of that day keep blur 
this is the only one not very blur

pooi yee was so enjoying, look at her face..

camwhore time!!

failed again! @@ 


clear now..
pooi yee and me..
the most taller girl..
almost 180 ady she..==

ghar yean and me 

here is joey and me

weng hong and me 

all failed!


joey was so alone and she still craving for food 

did you see the teeth??
it was joey
when i saw this photo really ROFL
so damn funny..haha 

rock again

 i had no idea why joey hate to wear her shoe = =
i was so good, use bubble as a decoration 

sweet girl <3

again  =z= 

we are so high..LOL 

Finally, all member in

all acting sexy...
we all failed!!
look at pooi yee, she was so damn SEXY 

*wink* together 


girl's photo <3 

finally , my cake was here..
it was so special...
and delicious..
thx to CEO for the b'day promotion and free cake..
and of cause thx to all my dearest friend ❤

look what they write for me..
so sexy...LMAO

 cake and me

kisses from girls <3

open champagne

weng hong was scolding joey..
he said who is the one b'day today??
joey love to take picture with champagne 

i had no idea why evetyone love this juice @@ 

joey always the most pity one ==

CEO was so good,
they can take picture for the b'day celebration and print it out to gift the one who b'day...
so sweet ❤
but just one only..
if want added need to pay RM10 for each..

lastly, this is the present that I receive form my friend..
Dior addict to life fragrance <3
super in love with it,
hope we keep our friendship forever <3

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