weng hong's b'day 271011

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that is weng hong !
i know is super duper late to update this post = =
actually today is 230412 but i still writing 271011's post
what a failed blogger x(
i remember thst i was facing SPM that time..
so i forget to update it = =

my hair is so black that time..
now i'm a red hair girl xD

did i chg a lot?? haha

i still remember that time we plan to celebrate weng hong's b'day at BENZ @pavilion 

the food we order!!


 and all members with the b'day boy <3

 me and ghar yean :)

outfit outfit :)

lastly end with our group picture <3

my face was so ugly at here = =
but i still post up because this is memorable 

we now having our own college / working life..
so hard to date them out now..
so i'm here to say good luck to all my friends who is having their orientation day today..
hope that we can hang out next time xoxo

i know is funny to post this up..
this this pic is like around half year..LOLL
because i'm viewing my blogger album just now and suddenly i found that i forgot to post this  = =
so that's why this post is here now x)

kthxbye !

p/s : can i say FXCK to rain??? #wtf

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