annual dinner

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sry for not updating this few month..
i don't want to let my blog be dead..
but i really not free :'(
because i was busying SPM , busying those date after SPM..
it was damn tiring seriously..
buysing finding job..
i wanna earn money!!

11/12/2011 was my school SMK Taman Connaught's annual dinner at park royal hotel..
i was just attend it and i'm graduate now!!
i just finish my high school life..
i was so excited and can't believe it!!
i'll step into college life soon..
here is those photo,
i didn't capture much because the heels are killing me,
and i was tired..

i'm still can't believe i was just finish my 5 years high school life..
it was memorable..
everything and everyone..
hope it won't change forever <3

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