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he like this picture most.. 1st clubbing experience at MIST
ermm,, i know something after that
it not suitable for me seriously..
i just felt packed ,packed and packed like sardine..
yup, not a joke..
i was not a good clubber 
because i dono the skill of drink, i dono dance and i hate some situation at club

but thx for that day i know a new friend , she was a nice girl :)
she help me a lot i think
i saw some friend call her Yako and i saw her fb write Tracy..
so i call her tracy at here,,,

the temperature in there was hot,,
seriously hot shit.. = =
maybe i dono how to enjoy..
maybe i need to learn dance?? nope just a joke
i'm a lazy bum
i'll not stand if there is the place for me to sit..

they such a nice couple too..
i knew it on our last outing,, their anniversary also at February 
hmm... everyone love FEB xDD

thx for them fetch me and my bf go One Utama shopping together..
but it was quite tired, because is the next day after clubbing = =
and the conclusion after i went club is i need to learn the skill of drink
i think is quite important ..ermm

end with the last picture..
we have some argument in this few days..
but i hope we can come back to each other when we cool down
i'll always be with you ❤  

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