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(using my camera with poster effect ;D)

hi, is me again..
actually i'm reading my undang now..
it is super bored...
i'm regretting why i don't exam it early..
i need a license , because i need to drive to work
and now i was cracking my head about my bf's present..
it was so hard to choose
he don't use many thing..
his friend say he likes whatever i gift.
his b'day was around the corner..
i get an idea from my friend..
he gonna get his license soon
so i plan to gift him xxx..
secret first..
because i scare he know it when he read my blog..LOLLL
it was second b'day i celebrate with him..
i'm still thinking how to give him surprise..
it was a had work..
because i'll start work at Jan..
include his b'day..
how suck was that...
but i hope all will be fine x))

love you :-*

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