a day with him ♥

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dress - nichii
shoe - vincci+

i love the dress, it was so cheap and nice :)
my boyfriend's birthday month is in JANUARY..
i was so sad because i need to work until CNY...
so we decided to have a simple dating together for his b'day..
and he ady get license now, so that day he fetch me go LEVAIN to enjoy our lunch ❤
their food was nice and it won't expensive..
i thought it will be quite expensive because it was so famous but the fact is i was wrong...
they even have jockey parking...
so nice...

he look so happy whn he was driving - -|| 
LOLL..actually he was quite nervous 

i love the sun, my hair seemed like red color under the sun ❤

after that we reach there safely..
their bread so tasty and nice !!
but i forget to take the picture, so sad :(
at the first we don't know the way to levain, and he was damn angry with the gps..
because it bring us turn a big round at there... (ˋ︿ˊ﹀-#
it just located near the beryl chocolate factory only.. #wtf

we order their mushroom soup, because my friend told me that it was tasty and it really tasty ❤ 

but..i hate their coffee :((

my boyfriend's spaghetti dono call what name ady = =

and i order of cause is creamy mushroom spaghetti 

i felt full after that, we also remember to take away cake and bread for our family..
but i forget to take picture..sad :(

after levain, we plan to go YUZU to have our dinner..
it was located at the gardens dono which floor ady..
i miss YUZU a lot, i still remember he brought me here last year for my b'day ❤
this was our second time at here

look, his cute face..LOLL

I order a chicken set...

this is the set he order...forget the name = =

 YUZU no.1 is a must try at yuzu...
it taste very good!!
but it cost RM20, for one, just a small circle..

and last is dobin mushi...
the 1st time i try dobin mushi was at YUZU too..

end with a picture with him ❤


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