just CNY

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hello~~~ long time I didn't update my blog since I went back to kampung..
so miss my blog...
everyone was busying to celebrate their CNY...
but my CNY just normal & simple...
before CNY I work for money...
because I'm not a rich girl, i need a job to earn money...

here is the working team!! what a funny gang xD

and because of the shitty dust..
my hand become an ugly hand :'(
after 2 week like that my hand was better than that ady...
damn itchy #wtf

pre chinese new year my family and I all 'balik kampung' to eat our reunion dinner..
every year's ‘捞生’ also very tasty but this year was bad taste :(
i never try a "lou shang" that bad taste like this 
every year's 'lou shang' was my favorite 
I'm the only one at the table who eat 'lou shang' till non stop..
LOLL.. I love 'lou shang' don't know why...
hmmm... haha

we didn't take big family photo..
so let me just show you my mum and her small sister...
that means my 阿姨...haha

is my turn now...
maybe is my period time so my face was full of pimples..
i hate it :(
it still during CNY...urghhh

we came back KL at chor 2...
but chor 3 my mum, my brother and I was so bored..
so we decided to went charlie brown cafe at KLCC...

it was cute..but their food was not nice :(
so sad about that, the hot chocolate just ok only...

the next day I went out with my friend to "bai nian"..
that mean visit our friend's house one by one and say "GONG XI FA CAI" to their family..
somemore, don't forget ang pow xDD

ghar yean was so happy!!

pretty joey

is me!!
my eyebrow look weird that day , :((
hate it

next is our lou shang section with dearest friend!
what a delicious lou shang , yummy ❤

we had our dinner at 100℃ 
spot my eyes?? 

end with the picture with my love x)

happy CNY !! everybody..
wait for my next post ;)

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