surprise ♥ happy b'day my love ♥

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i just celebrate his b'dayat last friday at CEO karaoke...
and pooi yee teach me finally i baked a cake for him!!
thx for pooi yee..
it was delicious, LOLL
seriously delicious, not a joke ;P
last time i was cracking my head to think about my boyfriend's b'day present but finally i decided to gift him a shirt...
DC comic, 1 pair...
for me and him...
a girl joker picture..
how cute..
but i forget to capture it, too bad
just a paper bag ><

camwhore time!

to xuan: igot a picture.. appreciated it pls xD

CEO was so cold ><

 they are so lame ==

 i love this pic too

lastly happy b'day boy 

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