yean's b'day/

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so sorry for no update about her b'day..
it was so long ago..
now ady 2012..
time pass so fast..
i still can remember the things happened at 2011

now i should blog about her b'day 1st..
joey plan to gv her a surprise,
the plan is like, we buy the cake at 25/12 night thn wait until 12am thn straight go to her hse and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY
she really look so surprise because she just thought her family help she celebrate only x))
she dono we will go there for surprise xDD

good plan , joey

ghar yean's mother prepare many food for us too..
look, what a messy table = =||
i was regretting before i go her hse i ady eat a piece of roti telur, god
but nvm, i still can eat a lot..haha

then the nect day we plan to go CEO sing k again...
somehow we like to celebrate b'day at karaoke 
any other place recommend??
we need some special place, haha

long time no see

weng hong look so happy = =

me and the b'day girl

seriously that day i had no sound to sing because i sore throat 
so weird :((

 i just keep capturing photo with my mic , haha


outfit of a day
shirt - forever 21
skirt- sungai wang
shoe- vincci

end with the effect that i love ❤
so sorry for the late update because i was busying my job..
promoter for an event..
now i'm having a short break 6 jan i need to work again..
pity me :;(

and lastly happy new year for all my friends ;)
ps: many others post need to type!! ugh!!

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