love story

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simple outfit
i found that i had no new shirt to wear O.O
so sad to hear that

yesterday was 18/2/2012 my bf and I decided to went KLCC shopping to choose his present x)
because i haven buy it..
17/2 is our 2 years anniversary, so we didn't celebrate valentines at all..
just wait till 18/2 we 2 free,,,

he gift me a spec as my  belated valentines present
i love the design and color although it is not a branded stuff

i gift him a shirt as present
and some add-on 

yup, a very first video///
i felt embarrassed  and unnatural 
because it was my first time to record this video
so i private it, sry, i just let my close friend watch only

and here, i need to gv a big thanks to my best friend..
wan yee
she teach me to edit the video and help me record it..
seriously thx ;D

after that we went sri petaling's DAORAE restaurant to enjoy our Korean food...
it was super delicious!!
regretting that i was forget to take photo because we are too hungry and the food smell good!
can't wait the next time to visit there..

is our camwhore time

 somehow, he acting cute  = =||


the boyz

try something new??

we was full after having many side dishes and korean BBQ,
our stomach was like a ball..
if u visit there pls do order their pa-jeon 
it taste nice!!

other things that let me felt excited is,
I brought a new phone...
HTC sensation XE...
i love it deep, actually i din plan to get XE but is XL..
but my fren & family said that XE is better XL..
so, yea
a black phone again :(

but nvm..i still love it deep
and now i'm using u mobile package U28
is super cheap and their network was great!

my fren, don worry, i din chg my number..
just using 2 ph..
because u-mobile's call was expensive...
so i manage to get 2 num..

thats all...

happy belated valentine's to my boy and 2 years anniversary :-*

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