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halo all..
i was disappear since 3 week like that ??
i don't know...i was busy like an ant...
i just keep working and working..
but the best thing is i didn't work for any long term job...
so now is my rest time..
after one week i'll work again..
it was seriously tired x(
but it is high payment job..
you want money come in or you spend it ??
i need to save money
this is rui...
my working partner :)
i look ugly at this picture :{

   i ady passed my car test...
so, i gonna drive car soon..
i need money for petrol , i need money for college and other...
it's not a small amount..

i work as a hada labo promoter last week
and i knew a girl...
we meet again..
we actually know each other when i was form 4, at my 1st promoter job..
she is Ida 

when i was 16 and she was 18...
look!! my black hair and naked face :X
she told me that i change a lot in just 1 year...
i become more mature then before..
LOLL, because of my hair color and now i started to draw my eyebrow ady..

seriously I didn't feel i change a lot in this 1 year...
but i really felt the different before and after i dye my hair xDD

ok thats all..
happy valentine's day 
i didn't really celebrate it, because my bf and i 's anniversary is at 17th FEB 2012...

bye bye ;P

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