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cutie cat top - from pooi yee, she gt it at china x)
pants - topshop

hi all..
I always don't know how to start when I blog...hmm
I always damn lazy to blog and always didn't update about one month...
i think this is the reason my blog gt a very low stat...LOLL
just a joke..

yesterday me and bf went to mid valley shopping..
but it was bored
because it was nothing to shop at all..
all my favorite shop id having their renovation 
one things make me happy is forever21 is gonna open at mid valley..
i felt happy because mid valley is nearest then pav or sunway frm my hse...
can't wait it open!!

and we find some place to chill
we chill at ALEXIS @THE GARDEN
their apple pie was not tasty..
and it was expensive...
sry that i'm not a rich girl :(
WTF, i need money...
any job for me???

i was so happy because my hair colour start faded ! 
this is the colour i want!
orange red xD

 i felt proud that day because I fetch him whole day..
frm mid valley to sri petaling...
frm sri petaling to my hm and others place...
so happy that i became a driver, LOLL

bf say he looks ugly in this pic...
so i put a heart shape on his face. hah!

i felt i fat ady, so sad :(
and i found that i had double chin!!! wtf...
i can't accept the truth.. x(
because we 2 love Korean food..

  see!! my fatty face..

we not only love japanese cuisine , now we also love korean cuisine...
because it was damn delicious..
spot my bf's tummy ..LOLL
he will kill me when he watch this!

we had our dinner at DAORAE korean restaurant @SRI PETALING

 the super delicious pork BBQ

others favorite dish!

we sapu all~~
felt full that day...

you should try this when you went there!

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