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jeans - time square

hi!! it was a simple day again with him..
my casual look x)
we found that we shop until nothing to shop = =
so we decided to watch movie

he choose this
it was a super funny hong kong movie...
not bad x)

after movie then we went for dinner,,
he was having his vegetarian week..
so i accompany him eat vegetarian at sri petaling endah parade there..
it taste good!
but it was too bad..
we lazy to take phoo about it ==

but here is a series of me and my boy's funny photo...

this is the most normal one..LOL

 Trying to act CHOK, but failed, haha

 trying to act cute...
watch his face//LMAO

OMG, my double chin again!!
my bf's fault )';

 all the pic of a day...

Today is Sunday and i can't believe my orientation will start at tomorrow !!
so damn nervous...
my English is weak like shit...
and I will intake at UCTI's IT & business foundation...
my orientation date is 26 MARCH 2012..
can't believe is tomorrow..
wish me a luck pls..
nervous nervous  nervous  nervous  nervous  nervous  
and thn my finance problem will hit on me..
parking fees , petrol , lunch , breakfast ..
i need MORE money..

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