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Hallo everyone..
is a dating agn with my boy..
i know u all felt bored with it, hmmm
but mostly whn i'm free and my friends are busy..
i hope i can hang out with them next time :(
we was like long time didn't met each other :(

actually Wednesday my bf and I plan to watch movie agn..
but because we can't confirm early..
those movie that I wanna watch was all SOLD out !
I'm so regret that why I didn't book it early :'(
then we had no choice and shop around mid valley..

but before that, we need some food for energy
so we ate ninjia burger for lunch !
it is my favorite burger too !

and i spot a coach pouch long time,
and finally i bought it , super love the color <3

double chin!!

as usual , KOREAN cuisine as dinner..
this time we order a kimchi soup!
and it didn't disappointed me, it is delicious too..

my favorite side dishes <3

bye all, rushing for homework now ><

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