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halo everyone..have you watch TITANIC 3D ??
although I felt that is no different between 3D and non 3D but the movie is still awesome!!

the love story of Jack and Rose was touched <3

here is the scene that make me cry, why Jack must die :(

Jack dead , just left Rose :((

and I found that this is the original drawing of Jack..
Malaysia ady cut this scene !! why??!! 
and a part inside the car, they also cut it..
so shit because we spend RM16++ for a movie ticket just to watch the movie that ady cut!!
i got this from google, and my facebook's friend told me I only knew :(

when the original titanic movie out I was just only kinder-garden kids i think..
so for those who maybe same age with me you must watch this..
the bad things is malaysia always keep cutting movie ...

ok, I should continue...
my bf and I watched titanic with another sweet couple..

 that's wanyee and her bf

after movie we went for korean food again!!

capturing his driving face, and someone was so annoying = =


is me 
because of my bf having 2 weeks vegetarian, so I ady 2 weeks din eat korean food :(
finally he can eat meat!
we order :

yeah! is the pork again <3

 and then PA-JEON 

and their "chao nian gao"
i had no idea which word have the same meaning ..LOLL

the last pic <3
that's all..

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