gathering at TAO japanese cuisine 290412

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halo, i'm back again...
actually i'm copying the note of my business subject , but it's really too bored!
so i decided to blog about the gathering with my besties last week..
we realize after SPM we had no much time to spend with each others.
so we decided to have a small gathering @ Sunway Giza's TAO japanese cuisine
we didn't took much pictures that day..
because we just too hungry..
and the place was just too far from my house = =
i think i drove around one hour only reach..
pooi yee was absence that day because she had a small test at Thursday :(
so sad, although she live really nearby my house in just 2 minute drive, but i think we really can't meet because of those test, assignments and homework.. urghh

ok, stop nonsense now..
they plan to let me become a driver that day, so i fetch them went to there..
is such a tired task to drive around one hour = = wtf
joey got work at monday, so we just decided to had lunch at there..

 me and the pretty joey..LOLL

TAO's bbq section is damn delicious but the lunch just didn't have to much choice ,
 so sad that we can't had dinner at there because we can't match each others time :(

the ghar yean and weng hong ;)
ghar yean having stomachache that day , so waste that she couldn't ate too much that day..

me and weng hong (Y)

pity ghar yean and me *wink*

the two stars ..LOLL

 is it adorable ??
their mochi is a MUST TRY..damn delicious

sorry for my bad photograph skill :(

we didn't took much food's picture that day * regretting*
we just kept eating and having photo with each others = =

joey is surrounded by food!!
she say she wanna keep fit = =

we chat a lot that day, 
chat about our new college life, 
gossip everything,
chat about movie and others..

i miss our high school life :(
that is just simple and funny..
hope our friendship forever  XOXO

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