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hello, is me again..
i found that everyone is posting their old photo and caption write this 200x - 200x
so i decided to edit one of myself's "pass time" photo
i uploaded it to my facebook and all of my friends comment that i look a lot better last time..
hmm, actually i don't think so, at least a bit mature??
doesn't look like a lala girl again.. 
because i choose the most nice pic at the past time only..
i was so damn lala during 2009 and 2010..

they said most nice is 2009 one..

i haven post out the others 2009 pic,
so now, let me show how am i look when i was form 3..
i still remember i started learn how to make up when i was form 3,
started to put fake lashes and with thick make up zzzz
now i ady lazy to do that...

here is the comment ;)

some of them said that is 2 different girls and ask do i have a sis..
i don't know how they feel, i just felt like share sth that is worth to share,
so, does it worth??

this is how i look with the super and stupid thick make up,
i think is around 2009 ??

many ppl told me that i did a failed "plastic surgery"  LOLLL
which mean my braces ???
i started to brace my teeth since 2010..
util now also haven take off..
don't know need to wait until when...hmmm

i think i hvn brace my teeth and cut my hair short ady T_T,
it was like JAN of 2010..
(i started to brace my teeth at the end of 2010?? a bit shorten memory ady)

with braces!! 2011
my lips started to look weird because of all those spring, brace all others....

2011, i think the spring is still in my mouth

start from now is 2012, after i dye my red hair and how was the effect... 

how was the different ??

braces is considered a kind of  "plastic surgery"
but that is a time for a "plastic surgery" to recover,
now i started curious about how am i look like after i took of my braces...
hope it didn't failed as they said ? ;D

lastly, here is a pic i took last week i think..
is it 2 different person??
maybe i failed my "plastic surgery" ??

hv a good day :)

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