2.5 anniversary ❤

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(gonna trim my eyebrow soon)

hello there, 
I was so lost in the afternoon, because my camera is having a problem and can't transfer pic to my laptop using usb, zz
and thx to my friend remind me that laptop got built in card reader = =
I was too stupid, can't even know got this kind of thing.. zz

and now I can write my blog again, 
but my camera need to bring for service..haizzz
need almost one month!! wtf
I can't live without camera ok??
after my Malacca trip need to send it for service...
urghh, feel bad without camera...

now I gonna share about me and my boyfriend 's 2 and a half year anniversary..
actually we didn't actually celebrate our anniversary,
but I just feel like do something special for him,
first I told him I wanna cook a korean dinner with him..
interesting is it ?? LOLL
I felt that couple must have a experience in making food together..
it will become a good memory..
after that we went market to buy the material we need!

driver of a day! (he is getting fat because of me = =)

it was a tired day for me ><

but I still felt excited about the culinary experience !

hello fatty ! ;)

awful face + awful neck = =

we planning to cook kimchi soup, pa jeon and dok bok ki!!
I think this is the most easy korean food for newbie, like us..LOLL

choosing drink of a day ;D

material (not all, still got another but lazy to capture it..LOL)


haven cook

 kimchi soup!! it serious taste nice xp


dok bok ki 

it was a damn good experience for us, haha
but it was a tired work too..
I think we use around 2 hours to prepare this??
LOLL, but I give A for our first korean dishes..
feeling proud, LOLL
but it was easy to make, just need to buy the sauce only...

beside this, I still prepare a card and video for him as a surprise xP
he didn't even know when I start to prepare all the things..

I damn weak in design something,
thx to pooi yee for the idea..

feeling tired,
did all this in midnight >..<

our memories ❤
(serious can't live without my baby camera T_T)

and can't upload the video to youtube,
don't know what stupid problem again...
btw, he felt touch again with my pressie..

happy 2 and a half year ❤
always love you xoxo


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