ice skating @sunway pyramid

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selamat hari raya to all muslims, hope you all enjoy your raya break like me!
before the raya break we already plan to have a ice skating at sunway pyramid!
I still remember I play this since I was standard 6??
6 years ago, loll
I'm getting old );
but nvm, 18 years old still 'bok bok cui' right?
and I haven pass my birthday, so I still considered as 17??
LOLL (way to lie yourself = =)
ok, stop talk about those crab, 
the day we plan is finally reach!
we had been waiting this for so long..

tired again = =
need to chg the habit of late sleep during holiday ><
computer's fault!!

love the earring <3 p="p">

before ice skating, we decided to have our lunch at MOF @sunway pyramid 
thx to yingying bought the cheap voucher for us and let us enjoy the delicious lunch that just cost RM20+ with dessert! 

pattern again -.-

choosing food, too many choices, hmm

big eyes couple 


small eyes couple !
(don't know why feeling a bit shy that day to take photo with him) = =
spot my unnatural hand , zzz

 yingying, chyng and joey!

with me <3 p="p">

our brunch !!
sorry for the bad quality , I was too hungry and just simply took those pic >.<

besides that, MOF serve nice dessert !
especially the red bean ! eat together with the ice-cream.. yummy!

After brunch is our ice skating time!!
the only disadvantage of public holiday is everything will become costly during that day :(
it was saturday + public holiday, ice skating cost RM23 per adult, urghh

bad quality again :( 
need to practice my camwhore skill 

the ticket, childhood memory

the couples ~~~

spot my stupid smile again, with braces );

normal one

boys and girls pic before we leave 

key fon, my boyfriend, tommy and michael 

is time to leave!
ice skating was such a tired game, wtf
my leg still pain after two day of ice skating ==
it was just too difficult to balance myself on the ice...
felt like I will slip when I was stepping on the ice...
luckily I didn't fell down till we leave ..huuu~

hair is getting longer, shitty hair color, ughh

lastly, a group photo is a must before we back home 

 hyunna's dak nae style pose!!

the uni gang <3 p="p">

lastly end with pic that took by iphone's front camera..

I think we all won't plan to go second time for that..
cause it was super tired, just like you finish fighting with someone. (sry for my bad imagination)
when I reach my home and I started headache :(
(effect of late sleep again)
my skin become more terrible because of my bad habit..
gonna sleep early everyday to avoid worst thing happen on me :(

that's all!

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