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Korean style is being so famous recently, their drama, singer and girls/boys group is spreading ‘KOREANISH’ to the worlds..
Even I am a korean freak now after I started know who is bigbang ❤
Especially TAE YANG, he is the main reason for me to know more about bigbang ❤
For me, he is a good singer, dancer even an actor...
I love his smile, just bright like a sun ;)
I still remember the 1st song that lead me to know him is 'wedding dress'
Can't forget his sexy sound :-O

actually I had no idea what to blog about..
Just to share some Korean drama that I watch recently and Korean Singer that I like ;)
This post is all about Korean!

The first drama I gonna introduce is Faith  
lee min ho is the main character in this drama, he is just hot!

many ppl complain about this drama because they made a dynamic change about China history..
I watch until episode 4, it is a bit ridiculous because they make China's history like Korea's one =.=
ppl will confuse 三国 actually is China's history or Korea's if they doesn't know about it..
but still the story I like it..
so I will keep watching it ;)

second of my favorite is MayQueen!!
those little kids actor is so good!

their story line is quite sad but is interesting!

the next is not drama, is a short film that about TaeYang's first solo album !
Real soung by TaeYang
I know I am so out because now I only know this video, is like about 2 years ago =.=

I just can't stop watching his face!
The script that I most like is
"I am TaeYang when I'm in bigbang, I'm TaeYang when I'm solo"


I think this have total 4 episode..
ya, I know I'm out, but if you also out like me, you can go youtube search for his real sound ;D

Sry for my messy background -.-

On the other hand, Gd also released his new song!!
he just too cute in the mv, they said his lyrics include a very deep meaning if you search to understand it ;)


I think that's all for this post...
ps:/ still need to worried about my group presentation. it's suck!! hate those group work without cooperation.
sry for my poor english, if any mistake pls point it out, thx

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