Malacca food trip day 1

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My one week break is gonna end soon, feeling a bit unfair because all of my friends is having one month sem-break !! But I just have only one week Raya break :(( Plus, after the break is my turn to present ><
Feeling damn nervous now, I started to miss the moment when I was at Malacca :'( 
It was a nice feeling to have a short trip with boyfriend and friends ❤ memorable trip ever !
I had try my very first chicken rice ball, satay celup and others during this food trip! Didn't even know Malacca is a sort of attractive place that have delicious food...
We went off around 1pm++ from KL, feeling so excited ! Thank god that we choose a nice hotel, we stay at hatten hotel which is considered as 4 stars hotel and it didn't disappoint us. Thank God that we got the free voucher to stay in this hotel ❤

 1st time curl my hair and it can't stay for too long  = = wtf

I think it just can remain about 3hours + ?

in the car

We reach Malacca about 4pm like that and started realize I forget too bring the voucher! most important thing in this trip I forget to bring...
When my boyfriend ask me 'do you bring the voucher?' 
My brain just started to become blank.......
I put my voucher inside the cabinet and I forget to bring it out. and I was like FMLLFMLFMLMFLMLFMLFFML
If we can't show the original voucher, we need to pay for the hotel fees which is cost RM400++ one night??
Plus, we didn't bring this figure of cash, then we decided to drive back KL at the midnight to get the voucher in my cabinet, crazy right??? but no choice, is my fault :( felt sorry to make my friends being so tired at that night...
but before that, we still need to enjoy the day in Malacca!

long leg couple (her bf drove the whole day because of the voucher)

Thank god again we still can check in as we drop the deposit at the counter and show the voucher for them before we check out...
But when we open the room's door, our worried just fly away from our brain!
The room was just perfect!! The king size bed was damn comfortable and the environment was so damn nice!

I thought the bed will straight away near at the door, but I was wrong...
they even have a small corridor ❤

the wash room was wide enough to have a warm bath!

envy ??? LOLL

camwhore again when reach the room! *girls*

hehee, fatty behind me :)

but the hotel is face to the hospital = =

tired + hungry face

After placing our luggage and other stuff in hotel we decided to start our food trip at Jonker street! The first station is chicken rice ball, had been heard about it so long finally can try it! There was so many chicken rice ball shop but my boyfriend said the most delicious is Hoe Kee chicken rice ball! Luckily when we reach there was a bit late and didn't have any long queue, we just straight away walk in and order. They not only sale rice ball, they also sale normal rice. But because of the timing their normal rice was sold out and we just order rice ball. My main reason at here is the rice ball, but boys need normal rice to fill their stomach.. LOLL


driver of a day (the most tired person also) and the boyfriend 

the rice ball! yummy!
love the smell spread in my mouth when I bite the rice ball, LOLL
(sry for the stupid word to describe food taste, not that powerful on describing food)

chicken *yummy*

the fish (urgh, bad photo quality again)

After that, we plan to have a walk in Jonker Street and don't forget to eat again ;P

bought this Kampai juice to solve our thirsty *sweet and cold* *nice*

listen the advise of Thomas and Tracy, choose Apple+Guava favorite!
Lucky it didn't disappoint me  xP

stupid yummy face expression 
(just want to share)

the *long leg* couple
cool enough??

no idea what is this in english

actually we didn't really visit those history place in Malacca, what we know is food and get back the voucher.zz
but the best is the weather of a day was windy!


*long leg* couple
Tracy & Thomas
can I set a shortcut for you 2?? T&T ?? LOLL 

no idea why he like to act 'ah sei' = =
LMAO, feeling so different compare to the photo before this -.-

Those photo is we take while waiting for this ! long potato? don't know what it call. I just know how to eat only ;P

Spot the name! SPIRAL POTATO

*yummy* again!

travel feel?? xD

how I look with sunglasses ?? xD

after all this, we walk until 6pm and started to find our dinner!
next target is satay celup..
online search for it and found a shop call capitol satay celup.
searching for around one hour for this shop = =
cause we don't know the road >< thx to gps

But it was too many ppl queuing for that so we give up and choose the shop beside it,
old village satay celup

actually their shop is also quite full but didn't have the queue that afraid us like the capitol,
plus, our stomach can't wait for the queue ><

the taste didn't really impress me,
it just like normal satay sauce eat with this all..

maybe they didn't have a lot of choices like capitol satay celup,
promise myself to try capitol satay celup next time!


After all this you thought we straight away back to hotel and rest???
NO, you're wrong...
we drove back to KL at around 9pm...
and went back Malacca again at 2am..
after that, we only can rest in the comfortable room.
That was how we spend the 1st day at Malacca..

I think I better slp now, cause it is super duper late now!
stay turned for day 2 ;p

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