Malacca food trip day 2 ❤

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After the busy and tiring day, now is time for us to enjoy the last day in Malacca! But I woke up late again = = so we missed the time to eat chicken rice ball T_T After we check out, we just simply ate 'ho fan' soup as breakfast, and went back to Jonker street search for food again!

did a little bit curl at the end of my pony tail ❤

checking out -.- so many stuff

travel feel again x)

after having our breakfast + lunch we decided to try mile crepe cake which is located at behind street of the restaurant that we ate our breakfast..

(they was like a cafe shop, not only selling cake but also selling others food like spaghetti, steak, rice and others)
but we didn't order their food, because ady ate breakfast =.=

here is the cakes, a bit disappointing me :(
because it was too many cream and the cake is too thin..
now I know the taste of mile crepe cake!
not a cream lover :( so it doesn't suit me ><

Green Tea favorite 

Double cheese 


the environment 

After all the food we planning to have a walk at the Stadthuys, just to capture some photo at there x)

#likeaboss #chok

happy+tired face ><

it was like the opposite compare with the 1st day at Malacca, the weather was super hot and makes me keep sweating while taking photo =.=
hate the hot weather, miss the windy weather at the 1st day 

picha time!

Because of the hot weather, we decided to search some ice to solve it!
I told them I spot a very cute egg shape ice yogurt at Jonker Street, so we went back there for snack again..LOLL

can choose flavor that you like!

cute?? xp

short leg couple, no idea why I so happy -.-

Feeling hungry after walking whole day in Malacca..
as I said just now, at first we plan to eat chicken rice ball again but is too late..
all had been sold out @@
When we shop awhile in Dataran Pahlawan I spot Daorae was opening just opposite the shopping mall..
So we decided to eat Korean bbq as our dinner, haha

their taste didn't chg at all, still remain yummy and serve different kind of side dishes x)

Lastly we bought one box of Kampai juice back home,

and I still bought 1 make up pouch and 3 pair of earring..
LOLL, don't know why I still can buy things at Malacca..

the original price 

I felt that this price is still worth for that big and comfortable room ❤
and finally we drove back to KL at around 8pm..

byebye Malacca ;)

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