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hello everyone, i was just finish my exam and moving to sem 2 now !!
can't believe that time pass by so fast, i still remember how blur am i when i was just step into my uni life!
in this few month, i had submited all of my assignment and don't forget to enjoy with my friends.
but because of all those busy stuff, i long time dind't hang out with my boyfriend.
felt pity for him, so we decided to go mid valley to try the new restaurant open at there which is name PLAN B.

focus on driving  ^_^

i found that long time didn't take photo with him :(

PLAN B serve yummy egg benedict, love the taste deep. (but the egg yolk taste weird for me, i hate egg yolk, don't like the egg yolk's taste >< )

and don't forget the yummy hot chocolate!

with the marshmallow ❤

*yummy face*

i was been there at 4pm++ when i upload my photo to instagram, my friend comment and ask "why you eat this at this time?? i think it should be breakfast??"
haha, i had been craving it for so long and it is dinner time, but i like to eat my favorite food at anytime. *food temptation*
we went PLAN B just for their egg benedict xD

(phone camera sucks D; )
after that my boyfriend and i decided to go ninjia joe burger to have our dinner.
this is our all time favorite burger, but that day their french fried loss standard :( it taste bad, luckily just the french fried only.

i was feeling bored with all the same shirt i have :( can't find the shirt that i like, even a high heels i also can't find it :'(
i think online shopping will be more choices, will try to shop online and their shirt are gorgeous!!

lastly, end my post with my #ootd
ok, that's all for today. bye!

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