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hello, September!
always be my favorite month, this is because my birthday is nearly end of September ❤
LOLL, perasan right? just ignore me.. 
hrmm, it was Sunday and we decided to bake my favorite chocolate muffin with the 'long leg couple'///
I always love culinary art, I feel that is fun and proud when I done those nice and delicious dishes..
I'm just a food lover, that's why I kept gain weight in this year and I found that my face is getting rounder and rounder, #FMLMFMLFMLFML
hate my tummy too, my bf and I planned to have a beach dating with the 'long leg couple', no more fat oil plss!!!! Never try to wear bikini before, hmmm
give me a reason why delicious food will cause ppl fat!!!!! whyy????
found I'm over used money in this few month, urghh..
doesn't have any free time for work, any part time can work for one day??ok, stop dreaming..zz

how my chocolate muffin look like??

we started baked it at around 2pm, and finish it at 4pm..
then we decided to went pavilion to search for tracy's favorite coat..
since she like it so much and now she decided to purchase it!
stupid me with the wrong color of bb cream, wtf
spot the different between my hand and face, it seems darker!

tracy bought her coat at forever 21, so nice >.<
but I'm in saving money mood, so...yeahh give up );
after that we ate or dinner at ichiban boshi, didn't manage to take picture ,
because I was too hungry like wolf, can eat whatever that is in front of my table.. #wtf
failed my keep fit plan always...

since I didn't took pic before we eat, but I took the pic after we ate ;D
thomas and tracy
me and the love ;)

we back at around 9pm...
always love to hang out with them, can't wait our beach dating, loll
lastly, the dark skin couple of a day -.-
(won't use the stupid bb cream ady, Fuxk)

okay, that's all for today 

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