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hello, just gonna write a short post of some facts about me ;)

1. the 1st and the most important one is, I hate ppl smoking while I was eating. it is damn disgusting! I hate the smell, I will keep coughing when the smoke started to spread around me. It doesn't mean I hate smoker, just don't smoke when I was eating, it should be ok for me. MAYBE, LOL

2. I hate ppl keep making some distracting noise while I was concentrate in something. eg: blogging, doing assignment, listening sth and sleep also included (those ppl who don't know the timing and called me at the midnight -.-). LOLL
it will drive me crazy when it is over my limit.

3. I hate ppl lie something on me, it will make me seems stupid/stubborn. Things that everyone know except me, when I feel that I'm the last person who realize sth is happened long time ago, I think it was ridiculous.

4. I love food! delicious food is always attractive for me.

5. I like shopping with my BFF (actually just another word of spending money , wtf) , girls always like dress up herself nicely to give a good image for other person right??

6. I'm a person who always lack of confident in front of ppl. I felt that I'm still not perfect enough as I hope, I always have perfect friends around me, their face are full of confident always. I'm just a dark spot when I standing beside them, LOLL

7. I'm a lazy girl but I will put my hard work in somethings that I want.

8. I hate dreaming about married a rich guy or something, I just trust myself. I can feed myself without any support when I start my working life, I hate dependent on someone. It will make me feel I'm a useless person.

9. I need cooperation when it need to work as team.

10. Stop comparing me with others, I'm not a toy or shirt. It sounds like,  "toy xx is cheaper than toy yy" , "toy AA 's quality is better than toy BB"... wtf you want to said?? If you like to compare, pls compare yourself and see how you feel ok??

I think that's all about me, not gonna reveal myself too much.

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