Birthday Dinner @Lemon Garden

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28.09.2012 is my 18th birthday,
firstly I need to say happy birthday to myself, wish all the bad luck gone and good luck will come to me!!
Finally I'm officially eighteen years old, bok bok cui year, LOL
things that happened in September makes me extremely happy and sad...
luckily I didn't become abnormal..

ok, back to the title...
My boyfriend said wanna bring me to eat buffer for my birthday dinner since we 2 are food lover...
I love buffer because there are so many choices, you can eat until you satisfied xD

at first I don't know where he wanna bring me go, 
when he came to fetch me I only know we are heading to Lemon Garden@ Shangri la hotel
I heard this place before, wishing to try, finally had a chance to try :)
ps: thx to tracy who introduce this place for us :)


we leave at almost 6pm and because it was friday we jam at the road almost 1 hour -.-
and guess what, I thought he was no chance to buy my present because too many thing happened recently makes us headache
but I'm wrong, he pass the present to me while we are stuck at the road because of traffic jam

love the packaging, is my favorite color, LOLLL
I didn't unwrap it inside the car because I wanna take picture although I was so curious about it...
Finally we reach there at 8pm, not so late
still got a lot of food can eat..

Lemon Garden Cafe

actually this is the last dishes we eat, because we were too hungry and when we reach there we just straight away choose food and eat..
so I didn't took any picture of our food, LOL

ok, is time to unwrap my present.
I was asking him thousand++ time inside the car, what is inside the box..
he just keep it as secret and told me you will know when you unwrap it..
I was like -.-
Finally I can know what is it!!

*process of unwrapping gift*

                                                   ①                         ②                                   ③

                                             ④                                  ⑤                                   ⑥

                                              ⑦                                ⑧                                    ⑨

I received a gift that I wish to have so long,
a Polaroid camera..

Fujifilm instax 7s mini ❤❤

Love it so much!!

hi!! he was so happy because he make me felt surprise, LOLL

the happy girl!

keep taking photo with my gift, lol

is time to show you the environment,

their food is delicious, but there just a few of choices only.
one person cost like RM105++
feeling not really worth because there are too little choices...
but still I'm so happy ^_^

We leave at around 9.30pm,
when we reach my home, my boyfriend told me that he want to use toilet awhile so I just let him park the car and come inside my house...
I don't know that actually he ady plan something when he come to fetch me...

a birthday cake in da house, Lol

mother , boyfriend and brother..

wish and blow candle :D


My brother keep making me laugh with some funny action,
look at my face-.-

don't know what to say, I'm so happy that he help me celebrate my great birthday.
I know that he want me to be happy because many upset thing happened recently ady finished my tears..
Thank you And love you.

lastly end my post with my #ootd
top - h&m
skirt - topshop
shoe - vincci 

today I just had a simple birthday lunch with my high school mate,
love them always,
see you in the next post,


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