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what's wrong with me???
study in university about half year and more but still I can't speak out confidently and smoothly. (in English)
I feeling so upset recently, 
can't forget the lecturer point on me face in front of class told me that "you, you are bad.."
It gonna drive me crazy soon, can't stand myself with this kind of shit level...
present is very important, but why my language skill is so weak...

feeling disappointed on myself...
didn't have the thought to tell my family about my English's result,

must smile in front of family and friends, not feeling to put them in trouble..
btw, I'm rushing for many assignment recently..
the most let me headache is ITA..
today we have a discussion at my friend, yingying's house..

spot the messy table and hmm..
the face that doesn't look serious..
maybe they laugh because I'm taking picture..LOLL

stuck at ITA's formula then I started to selca.

although is my birthday month but still I hate September
September of 2012 is totally not my month!!
I done this post at 27/9/12
tmr is my birthday, although I very upset now but still I need to be happy because my boyfriend will bring me eat buffer to gv a simple celebration..
I had no idea where he gonna bring me go

my birthday is at almost end of September,
hope that will become a lucky month for me..
many thing happened in September, I almost finish my tears in this month
I don't want to be upset again, I wanna be happy at October...

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