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ok, long time didn't update my blog...
because recently I just heading to school and stay at home, ntg much for me to blog -.-
and now I finally have a outing with my secondary school classmate Kimberly
I call her real name in real life, but since she said that her college friends doesn't know her real name, so ya!
actually we planning to out long time ago, I remember she said that we didn't meet like 9 months ago...
after we take our spm result we didn't meet each others till now..
Since I don't know how to go her house, she call her sister fetch she till the tesco that near my house, thn I only pick her up at there..
sry I'm a road idiot, but at least I know how to go mid valley from my house x)

after we finish our chicken rice and she wait me for like one hour to done my make up, hair those stuff..

sry for the dirty mirror -.-

finally we reach there at around 2pm. haha
we plan to window shop awhile because we haven hungry yet and at around 3pm she wanna try plan b's egg benedict, so we chit-chatting at plan B and keep eating -.-
she said I become fatty ady, and I found that she skinny thn me, like wind can blow her up..
ok, I know my face become more chubby and my leg also -.-
feeling that we ate a lot that day, wtf
you are the main reason that make me put on weight -.- 

we ordered hot chocolate as our drink, since we don't like cold drink

her main reason at here, egg benedict
she keep on said delicious, I know that is nice -.-
we share for it..

potato wedges as small bite

the girl that complain so much about my body shape Kimberly

hi, that's me fatty girl

Pattern enough???

we meet kah fai at night and heading to near Pandan Indah that area, I had no idea what place is there..
the point is we went there for Thai food dinner!

mini yao zha guai



my favorite, lala
I almost finish whole plate -.-

guess what I ate two bowl of rice because there are still too much of food left and I felt like continue to finish it, wtf

lastly, full body pic 

skinny girl

and the fatty

that's all for today..
I lost one BFF but I still think that are still many friends that care me and love me around me ;)
I will appreciate it, xoxo

and thx to kimkim bought a cardigan for me as my earlier b'day present ;)

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