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girls vs boys

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try to blog about it but I always lazy to snap picture -.-
and my phone was got stolen so this make me no mood to update my blog..
think that I shouldn't hold it for too long...

I always think that girls and boys having a big different stuff in their bag...
sometimes, boys just bring their wallet and phone than just straight away come out, girls even needs a bag...
let me show you the difference..

this is what guys bring when they heading out for yamcha, shopping, movie, dinner or maybe college ? -.-

this is how girls stuff look like when they yamcha with friends and simple dinner with family...
guys stuff is all in the wallet, but girls separate it depends on where to go..LOLL
girls is always the most 'ma fan' one...

this is how girls look like when the heading out for shopping
I felt mine one is very simple, because I lazy to take make up pouch out plus it is too heavy -.-
some of my friends even brings tissue, make up pouch or even comb. LOLL
it was so tired when having such heavy bag and you need to walk around the shopping mall -.-
I think your shoulder will pain whole day when you back home..

college look...
I think boys usually use backpack and of cause without the sanitary pad too, LOLL
I was too lazy so I didn't manage to snap the picture

that's why girls need to prepare like 1-2 hours before they go out.. -.-
make up and bath ady spend like one and hour, after that they still need to check their bag whether gt forget something anot..
so pls don't complain about too much when you are waiting for girls, 
even guys now who care their look will took 1 hour to get preparation..

I think now doesn't have guys need to wait girls.
girls also need to wait for guys, so I think it become fair...

that's all...

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