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da jia hao!
I actually get ready to present before 2 weeks..
and now is the 3rd week, haven reach my turn...
I wear like totally formal to uni every Tuesday to get ready..

formal right?

wtf, and finally lecturer told us this Wednesday me and my friend will be the presenter...
Initially I felt damn nervous, but after 'queuing' for 2 weeks, nervous all gone ady...
but it doesn't mean I won't feeling nervous when I stand at front of all my classmates and lecturer, just feeling a bit bored for queuing 2 weeks long.. loll  
hoping tmr will be a good day for me x(

here is my long long hair,
decided to give it a cut and change the shitty color of my hair..

bought this liese jewel pink few days ago, 
love the color, will try this after I cut my hair...

so wish me a luck for my tmr's presentation ...

ps: many thing happened in my life recently, felt stressful and feeling myself is so damn useless

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