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31/8/2012 was holiday, so I decided to have a shopping day with my girls ! Actually is joey call me and ask which restaurant in pavilion taste nice, then I remember that I got things to buy so I ask to follow, LOLL..
so we planned pooi yee is the driver who fetch me since I always is the driver =.= , and ghar yean is the driver who fetch joey..
because pooi yee live at the same Taman with me, walk also can reach her hse, LOLL..
Thx for pooi yee fetching me that day, first time sit her, (Y) didn't let me felt nervous..
we reach there around 12pm++ , and started to search for food =.= because I didn't eat anything before I went to pavilion

serious face while driving xD

we plan to have our lunch at La bodega..

my favorite drink always, hot chocolate ❤

my spaghetti 

ghar yean's salmon egg benedict

joey's ham egg benedict

pooi yee just ordered drinks only, because she eat her lunch before she came =.=

I spent a lot at that day, spot a bag at charles and kieth is the style that I search for so long...
considered it first before I buy....
searching for other stuff while I considering , hmmm
typical toilet photo with joey
Pooi yee and I decided to leave at 4pm++ ,
joey and ghar yean still want to shop at sungai wang -.-

taken by pooi yee xD

pooi yee and I ;)

found that I didn't take photo with ghar yean -.-
a sry face for her, LOLL

and lastly, what I bought that day...

the forever 21 sandal, cost me RM35 only. ;D

the bag that make me broke T_T
but I love this bag so much ❤

and girls always need make up..
love the design of my shirt ,
so special, haha..

ok, that's all for today!

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