to THE stealer

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I look happy in this pic right???
of cause, because this is the picture when I sitting in the car and my boyfriend fetching me go pavilion for movie and h&m grand opening at lot 10...
I should be happy. I think

My phone got stolen at h&m and this make me felt like from heaven fall into hell..
that's the 1st phone that using my own salary to bought it, and the stupid/fuxker @#$%$#  thief stole it!!!
at 1st I try to call my phone, it still on!!
but when I continue call it, the phone just tell me your number is not available...
who the fuck you are???
I don't bother you are a poor kid or you owe ppl money or something else..
didn't you have arms, legs and brain??
can't you work for money???
are you a down syndrome ????
 if not then why the fuck you stole my phone???
is it worth for many money??
ok, tell you guys,
my phone model is HTC sensation XE
not any iphone or samsung
and I sure the price selling out won't be as high as IPHONE AND SAMSUNG...

are you brainless? 
I think the track in price should be RM300++ or even less than this...
you didn't even have RM 300???
 stupid poor kid!

I'm not trying to 'look down' ppl who lack of money, 
even I also not a rich girl...
that's not your fault because of you poor, but that's something wrong when you are a poor ppl and you trying  to steal ppl stuff to EARN your fast money!
because of you I need to get a new phone, I need to think that should I sell my bigbang concert's ticket,
I need to consider about my boyfriend's sister,

I become miserable !!

but I'll accept this, tell myself this is my last complain about this unlucky thing happened on me..
I'll save money to get a new phone, I'll work hard for money and result ..

YOU just a useless ppl, just continue your life with stealing ppl's stuff 
your USELESS life.

thank you to my friends who cheer me up and especially my boyfriend, 
I'll look forward and forget those unhappy things...
life won't stop no matter what's happen on you, right?

that's all, bye!

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