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Ntg much to blog, 
just back from Malacca pass 2 days, not decided to post those picture because it was too ugly..
this time I went with my college friends and we didn't drove there, 
thats why all the pic was my tired and sweating face, ughhh
no picture to blog make my mood down..

Planning to start study group at this week,
gonna exam soon, NOVEMBER
but I didn't even read any slides of my subject,
after I get my exam docket I only felt a bit nervous and stress.

Make me think back my english result.
Today just get my Further Math assignment paper, got full marks..
thanks to my friend for teaching us,
but he just get nearly full marks, just read his fb status know that his father was scolding him.

We all felt sry to him, 
I think we should be independent.

that's all.

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