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Feeling so stress now, I'm facing 3 assignment at the almost same deadline..
Rush, Rush, Rush.
Almost one week didn't sleep well.
Sad, I was so busy and I didn't manage to update my blog,
my stats is getting lesser than lesser, LOLL

Not free to hang out with friends, No new shirt, No new photo.
Gosh! My blog is getting bored..
Feeling to shopping but no time and $$
After submit all the assignment is my exam week,
Not that much, 3 subject = 3 days
But I hate all those theory, so many shit thing need to memorize.

Regretting why I didn't appreciate my time before I faced my assignment.
Slept at A.M. , Woke up at A.M. also
can't even have a proper sleep in this few week,
dark circle, pimple, they stay on my face and don't wanna go. :(

I miss Korean food,
I wanna go H&M again, 
Just went there one time and my phone got stolen. wtf

miss sunny day,
I was facing heavy rain and stormy sound recently,
although I hate sun, but I miss sunny day, LOLL

Oh, ya!
One thing that make me excited is Bigbang's concert is at this Saturday!!
can't wait to see my TaeYang!
They are the best!!

Ok, finish all the complain about my college life.
need to get back in my assignment again,


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