Birthday lunch with high school mate

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hello, sry for my laziness..
This should be happened at 30th of September, and now I only update..LOLL

It was Sunday and my lovely high school mate plan to have a birthday lunch with me @The Garden, Friday's
glad that they still remember my birthday, feeling sry to weng hong because I'm going to bigbang's concert on his birthday...
sure will attend your birthday kkay, pls don't set the dinner at bigbang's concert that day. >.<

back to the title,
actually I plan to drive my car and fetch pooi yee go together,
but my car die again that day, can't even start..
luckily pooi yee able to fetch me on that day, feeling headache to keep servicing my car..

the cool driver agn 


we reach there around 2pm,
joey, weng hong and ghar yean reach earlier thn us,
so we are considered late, loll


1st time visit here and their food was quite yummy !!

while waiting for food.

weng hong and ghar yean

pooi yee and me ;)

small eyes vs big eyes

small eyes gang

this pattern girl, tell me that stop taking her pic but afterward she call me take pic with her -.-
joey not feeling well that day, but still she attend my birthday lunch
rest more and stay healthy kkay..

no idea what pic is this

finally, our FOOD

pooi yee's sandwich 

ghar yean's pasta

me and weng hong ordered the same food
Tenessy chicken ??
I think this is wrong spelling, forget what's the name of this plate of chicken -.-

after we finished all the food thn is my birthday cake time, LOLL
and the Friday's staff call me use the chili sauce bottle as a mic and sing a sentence of song -.- wtf
This embarrassed me seriously, I just simply sang 'twinkle twinkle little stars' with the hand gesture..
 luckily that time's customer is not that much, if not I'll stay in the toilet and don't wanna come out... #FML

after all the embarrassment moment passed, finally is the cake time.
the nice birthday cake and me ;)

the cake was a bit hard to cut, because weng hong put it in the upper layer of fridge -.-
he told me he scared the cake melt, LOL

taken by pooi yee, I'm drinking my ice lemon tea.

the typical group photo,
after cleaned the messy table

the gift that I received from them, love it so much
will wear it everyday, if don't trust thn check my intagram pic, haha

the blue colour very sharp right??
I think it definitely suit me, LOLL

thank you so much,
hope that our friendship will remain as good as now.

my post hvn finish yet,
this is the pic we taken in her car...
when we back that time, haha

my #ootd
love the dress from h&m

lastly, end the post with our memory ❤

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