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Ok, Monday is my 1st day of exam...
I don't know why I didn't go memorize those note but try to update something in my blog...
My blog recently is just dead! =.=
definitely dead..
because I didn't update anything, I just faced assignment for 2 month...
and finally the exam is on next Monday!!
I wanna eat korean food after the exam!!
planning to find a korean language centre and learn, 
any place that near cheras??
any recommendation ??

I hope that those centre I find won't be too far from my house,
because I'm a road idiot, totally road idiot...
I find out that is so hard for me to recognize the road...

maybe I was too dependent on my boyfriend ady, LOLL

Just attended a wedding lunch at Grand Palace @Pavilion,
the most wedding 'dinner' I had attended..hmmm
their food is just so so only...

I know I should get back in my notes now,
wish me a luck!

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