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it is Sunday now,
I washed my toilet and air-cond..
yes! I washed.
I'm nothing to do during the holiday because I lack of $$$$

wish to shop all the days, haizz
my air-cond also hate me,
the water keep leaking out from my air-cond and I ady 3 days can't use my air-cond.
the weather is totally killing me..

so sad because I need to attend the class and make not available to work,
and my money is one day less thn one day.
many thing I wish to buy but I need to save my money,
just in case I become bankrupt. LOLL


don't feel that I had uploaded many photo in my blog,
but the uploader just tell me I had finished all my 1GB quota.

now I need to copy the code from another uploader and thn paste it in here,
it was so messy :(
and I can't delete the photo in my blog.
because I will lost all of it.

luck ! I need you arr

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