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I know it was over,
but I promise this was the best concert I had watched!
It was bigbang 1st time came Malaysia for their

seriously need to thanks to my college friend Joey who help to get the V.I.P. ticket!
the concert was totally awesome,
luckily I didn't sell my ticket,
Hope that they will come back to Malaysia..

But something that make me disappointed was the red and blue mission,
It not really successful :(
and also during the encore, nobody was shouting encore and just remain silent,
I only can hear my sound and other VIP beside me..

I hope that Malaysia VIP can be more cooperative during the future :)
btw, I think we still did our best!

we reached there at around 4pm..
worry about traffic jam and no parking..

we found a parking nearby the stadium,
but it cost us RM20 per day, WTF
damn expensive !

concert must have!
crown LED light!

I damn worried that day,
because before the concert start,
it started to rain again..
almost half and hour, luckily the rain stop before bigbang start their concert! ;)

buy this LED light at there for blue mission,
but still I got the free Blue and Red LED..
and after the concert I forget to bring this back, LOLL

We wait inside the stadium at around 6pm.

I took a lot of picture that day,
but until the half way of the concert,
my camera full of memory, WTF
glad that my bf's iphone took great quality picture too..
if not I will regret till die


hello TOP!

cutie sexy GD
He throw his jacket to VIP,
and the lucky girl are just beside me with others girl!
why not me :(((

Mak Nae 

The angel sound,
Dai Sung 

Young Bae ❤
spot his sexy tattoo ❤
Due to the rain, he nearly fell down on that day :(
but still he able to 'catch' himslef..
I scream like crazy when I saw him Nearly fell down :(
Hate the rain, LOLL

Young Bae throw his singlet to the rock zone VIP!!
how lucky they are!
I want the singlet :((((


Song List of That Day 

1. Alive (Intro)
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar
7. Ppeokigayo(Knock out) - GDTOP
8. High High - GDTOP
9. Strong Baby - SEUNGRI
10. What Can I Do - SEUNGRI
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. Crayon, One of a Kind - GD (Beatbox with TaeYang and Top)
14. Bad Boy
15. Blue
16. Love Song
17. Monster
18. Feeling
19. Look Only At Me - TAEYANG
20. Wedding Dress - TAEYANG
21. Wings - DAESUNG
22. Haru Haru
23. Lies
24. Last Farewell

25. My Heaven
6. Bad Boy
27. Fantastic Baby
28. hands up

I can't really remember those arrangement,
Google it! LOLL

The concert was totally awesome,
I don't know to describe it with another words.
Best Performance,

Didn't manage to post all those picture -.-
because it was around 200 pcs pic..
I just choose some nice picture to share with you all :)

Hope they will come Malaysia again!

Forever VIP ❤


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