Done Assignment

6:48 PM chocky 0 Comments

Hallo everyone who reading this!
I just done all the assignment and presentation that I have..
now I just need to focus for exam :(

I just left one week for me to do revision,
worry about can I finish it in one week time..
Although we gt assignment but exam also quite important for us to score best result..
memorize memorize~~~~

I can't sleep well for about 2 months,
just for assignment.
It was quite crazy, too busy...
can't even had a good meal and can't even have my dinner on time...
I just recover from gastric past few days -.-
wtf, I can't be sick now!

Jam everyday, due to the assignment I need to stay back everyday until 6++pm
and I need to face the traffic jam everyday zzz

irritated face for the jam..

my dentist don't plan to give me eat too much,
the rubber make me can't even open my mouth properly..
(when I only can take out my braces :( )

Hope that this sem I can get a good result!
That's all for today!

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