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because of my assignment and exam,
I ady long time didn't spend a day with my boyfriend.
so we decided to have a movie date on last Sunday at Pavilion.
Couple ma, sure watch love story lo. LOLLL


boyfriend always be the driver of the day.
put some heart on his eye because he blinked his eye while I capturing this photo.
so, in case he blame me because I upload his ugly picture. haha

I wanna watch Twilight since all of my friends who had watched keep praising that it was nice.
This was a sudden plan of us, 
so we reach there at almost 4pm.
I actually started to dress up myself at 2pm++
hmmm, ok, #girls
1) bath 2) drying the hair 3) make up 4) curling the hair 5) choose the suitable shirt and bag
so, one and a half hour gone.

always not forget to buy popcorn as our snack while enjoying the movie.
I think this is one of the reason that make my face become so chubby #wtf


not bad, because the characters of this movie is just too pretty.
Bella and her daughter Renesmee.
What an adorable and pretty child >.<
and Edward was so handsome.
Malaysia always not forget to cut those 'important' scene, hmmm
btw, after we finished the movie was around 6pm.
wanted to went h&m but it was a rainy day.
so, straight away ate our dinner at Ichiban Boshi @pavilion.


not forget to camwhore while waiting for food,
I curled my hair that day, but don't know is my hair quality's problem or curling iron's problem...
my hair was straighten back after we finished the movie -.- I even sprayed some spray to maintain the curl, urghhh

the boyfriend ❤




his curry cheese chicken set and Scallop ❤


my unagi and salmon set, yummy!

After we finished our food, of cause need to selca a bit lo xD



curious about why he always like to hide behind of me while taking picture with me?
he said this can cover his fat face, LOLL


and lastly end my post with my #ootd

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